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i was completely thrown offguard, and he fucking lied to me.
i am pissed off like crazy and i feel ready to throw down.

i am so stupid and cannot trust myself, apparently. i have kept a great distance because he is married, and he should have done the same. oh well, why should he care? nothing lost on his end. 

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr boys suck

I miss my dead baby brother terribly

It has almost been 3 months since Troy was killed and I still can't hardly believe he is fucking gone...I am dying inside and sometimes wish to be with him now...

i could be set on fire now and it would not matter

the pain would never measure up to what i feel inside

life can be incredibly amazing

Really ~~~ surprisingly enough, my life is really getting so much better, and I am actually loving life now!! Miracles are real. I have been reconnecting with many of my old family members and friends, and working toward improving what I can in my life. I know that my pain and misery is temporary, and you NEVER really know what can happen. I am happy!!! That is so weird and bizarre!! I feel like a giddy school girl! LOLOL ~ So now I am dancing again, and I have smiles on my face a lot more now. I am very excited about life right now at this moment, because I truly have a lot to look forward to. I am grateful for my opportunities to be here to love and help other people. That is my purpose, and that is what I love to do. Yay! Life is good!


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